Cuffed on a raised hide 0
Cuffed on a raised hide 1

[topless, handcuffs, outdoor]

Laetitia is standing on a raised hide for some photos. Her yellow summer dress is looking good on her. But already after the 1st photo she strips it off and is beginning to pose topless.

After taking some photos I take her arms and fix them with handcuffs to the raised hide. No possibility to cover herself or to run away.

Knowing that Laetitia loves playing games I am leaving her to bring some equipment to the car which is parking some steps away. Laetitia is a tough girl. But in this case she has a queasy feeling being tied up and left alone, so she is trying to free herself. She always is looking to the right side, because from time to time she hears branches cracking and is getting nervous, as she do not know if someone is coming. She is sitting down to hide oneself. Time to free her, because I also do not know who is walking around there.