Lift your clothes 0
Lift your clothes 1

[naked, stiptease, outdoor]

Nadia and I were on the way to a location in the forrest for a photo shooting. She was a little bit surprised as I suddenly stopped the car and asked her to show her naked body for some spontaneous photos. She didn´t hesitate and was happy about the pics in the end.

The Painter 0
The Painter 1

[topless, striptease]

Laetitia often uses her sparetime to do some paintings. This time a visitor was interessted in her painted picture. But he hesitated and so Laetitia was open her white Overall and presented herself in red underwear, garters and stockings to give him a good reason to buy the picture. It was not nessecary to take off the bra anymore, but she did. This is what is called hard selling!

Red Dress Red Ropes 0
Red Dress Red Ropes 1

[topless, ropebondage]

What is matching to a dress with a lot of red? Red ropes! Laetitia´s hands and spread legs are tied to the bed. So, there is no possibility for her to avoid that her colorful dress is taken away a little bit to let out her wonderful boobs.

Introducing Laetitia 0
Introducing Laetitia 1

[naked, striptease, legs]

Let me introduce Laetitia. She is a gorgeous girl. Laetitia likes to stand in front of the camera and to pose. And to show her great body. Enjoy her little „Show“ pushing and lifting her stripped pink dress until it is only on her hips.