Tied up naked on the gravel 0
Tied up naked on the gravel 1

[naked, bondage, outdoor]

It is a really hot day. Nadia and I walked to a small gravel beach in the immediate environs of a dried out river bed. I give Nadia the instruction to take her clothes off. She is doing so, but let her slip on and is sitting down on the gravel. I tie her wrists and her ankles with red ropes.

After a few photos Nadia is lying down on her back. Immediatly some ants are exploring her naked body and are happy that Nadia is tied up. And I am happy for the opportunity to take some nice close-ups.

The slip is nice but I want to see her fully naked. So I pull down the slip. Nadia turns on the side and is showing her back which has a lot of marks of the gravel. No reason, not to let her kneeling and to end with some submissive positions.