Posing naked for the cam 1

[naked, posing]

It is a hot summer day. Laetitia is watching herself in a mirrow and poses naked for herself. The feather-light dress is only an accessory, she is playing with. She is sitting down, turning around, viewing herself in the mirror.

Bound naked on the bed 1

[naked, bondage, ropes]

Laetitia is lying on the bed. Her wrists are bound apart with red ropes to the corners on top of the bed. The bath robe she is wearing is fully opened and she can not cover herself. I told her there is a chance to free herself. But if she fail I will continue to tie her.


She pulls on the ropes and struggles hard to get free immediatly. She is breathing deeply and is really giving her best, but she don´t get free. So, I am starting to tie her right ankle and fix it to the bed, which doesn´t makes her happier. In the next step I tie her left leg in a angled position and fix it also to the bed. Laetitia is giving it a further try. She is noone who is giving up. But the ropes win.

Cuffed naked on the floor 1

[naked, handcuffs]

Laetitia naked, cuffed at her wrists and ankles, lying on a white bath robe on the floor, doing some sexy posing.


Have a look of what happened before, shown in the video: „Sexy Posing at the Window“.


Cuffed on a raised hide 1

[topless, handcuffs, outdoor]

Laetitia is standing on a raised hide. Her yellow summer dress is already gone. She only wears a black slip and her wrists are fixed with handcuffs to the raised hide. No possibility to cover herself or to run away.

I am ready with taking photos. And as I am knowing that Laetitia loves playing games I am leaving her to bring some equipment to the car which is parking some steps away. Laetitia is a tough girl. But in this case she has a queasy feeling being tied up and left alone, so she is trying to free herself. She always is looking to the right side, because from time to time she hears branches cracking and is getting nervous, as she do not know if someone is coming. She is sitting down to hide oneself. Time to free her, because I also do not know who is walking around there.

The new job 1

[topless, stip, striptease]

For Laetitia it is the first day in the new job. She is entering her new office, doing some paperwork and exploring the office and what is lying in her container. She is feeling fine but unfortunately her office doesn´t has an air condition.


The happiness about her new Job, the heat, all this makes her really feel great. She open her Blouse a bit and is walking around. That doesn´t help. It´s too hot. So her Blouse have to go and her pants also. Look into her face when she is finding some handcuffs in the container. Not waiting for long her bra is gone and the handcuffs are on (which is easyier as to take them off).

Sexy Posing at the Window 1

[naked, posing, handcuffs, (medium close-up view)]

Laetitia is standing at the window. She is doing some posing, wearing handcuffs. Nothing else. Enjoy this video filmed by hand with some closer views. (Also available as long shot view video.)

Sexy Posing at the Window (Backup Cam) 1

[naked, posing, handcuffs, (backup cam, long shot view)]

Laetitia is standing at the window. She is doing some posing, wearing handcuffs. Nothing else. Enjoy this video taken from the backup cam (long shot view). (Also available as medium close-up video.)

Bound on the sofa 1

[sexy wear, ropes, struggling]

This is another shooting with Laetitia. She likes challenges. I tied her wrists and put them behind her head in the neck, fixing them with the rest of the rope under her boobs. In additional some rope find it´s way around her ankels in order to impede she plans to run away ;-). Sitting on the Sofa Laetitia struggled hard with the ropes (and maybe didn´t know how sexy she looks like in her netunderwear).

The Painter

5:25 minutesErotic Nude, Stripping
The Painter 1

[topless, striptease]

Laetitia often uses her sparetime to do some paintings. This time a visitor was interessted in her painted picture. But he hesitated and so Laetitia was open her white Overall and presented herself in red underwear, garters and stockings to give him a good reason to buy the picture. It was not nessecary to take off the bra anymore, but she did. This is what is called hard selling!